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Revolutionizing Breakout Processes: The Power of Velocity Washer

Are you tired of lengthy and time-consuming breakout processes? Look no further! With the patented Velocity Washer ®, you can experience breakouts that are 30 times faster than traditional methods. Say goodbye to multiple shifts dedicated to breakouts and hello to breaking out any flange in less than an hour. The installation process is a [...]

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Avoiding the Galling Roadblock

Need a surefire way to speed-up breakouts, increase worker safety, and finish your turnaround on schedule and under budget? Then you need to eliminate galling. If you’ve ever run a breakout, you’ve dealt with galling. It’s an industry-wide problem that happens so often it’s scheduled into even your biggest turnarounds. On almost every break-out, studs [...]

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Embracing Innovation: INTEGRA Technologies’ Drive for Excellence

Innovation lies at the heart of progress, driving advancements in every industry. INTEGRA Technologies, a leading provider of Total Joint Integrity™ solutions, harnesses the power of innovation to deliver exceptional results for its clients. Embracing Innovation: At INTEGRA Technologies, innovation is not just a buzzword—it is ingrained in the company’s DNA. From the top-down, a [...]

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Critical Flanges: Advanced Washers Eliminate Galling and Hot Work

As featured in the Chemical Engineering magazine: Bolted flanges on vessels, and their associated washers, are often seen as minor components in chemical processing facilities that may often be overlooked — until a critical problem arises. However, a closer examination of washer performance and design can help plants to significantly reduce maintenance time and costs, [...]

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